Motorola Ready For will turn phones into computers

Motorola Ready For will turn phones into computers

Motorola, new flagship phone Edgefor + Ready For a desktop computer named interface developed. Samsung’un DeX reminiscent of service Ready For, it will allow users to connect their smartphones to a larger screen.

Motorola Ready For can also be used on large screens

New interface users USB-C’den USB-C’ye or USB-C’den HDMI’ya It will enable it to be connected using cable. So that Edge+ and the new that will come in the future Motorola it will be possible to use their phones on a computer or on a larger screen as an alternative. Company Ready For while predicting four different usage cases for Edge+’ı DeX’e Similarly, it can turn into a mobile desktop device complete with Bluetooth or keyboard.


on the other hand Motorola’s Edge+‘in There are also more interesting plans for how it can be used. For example, using the cameras on smartphones to provide a better video chat experience. Edge + turning it into a videoconferencing station is just one of those plans. For 64 MP The phone with a camera is able to meet this requirement.

The phone plans to increase the entertainment level with this system. Players Edge + be able to pair it with a controller in their hands. So that Fortnite such as mobile games or xCloud will be able to use game streaming services such as a temporary console. In addition, if desired, the phone can easily be integrated into a portable set-top game console. It also enables access to all streaming services that are logged in while traveling. So that Wi-Fi It is expected that you don’t have to worry about the connection.

Ready For and Samsung’un DeX initiative is not the first to convert a smartphone to a computer. Before these 2007 produced in Palm Foleo and Motorola’s own Atrix 4G’s one LapDock There are attempts to convert it into accessories. Motorola’s use case is one more ambitious. Because HDMI’dan USB-C The number of users connecting to their cables is increasing day by day. This seems like a pretty creative idea to turn a phone into a large screen.

Source: TheVerge

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