Mobile RTX 3050 Ti spotted on Asus' site

Mobile RTX 3050 Ti spotted on Asus’ site

In September last year RTX 30 graphics cards launcher NVIDIApaved the way for a new era. Although things do not proceed as desired in the desktop section, the American manufacturer, in the mobile market satisfied. While trying to increase production on the one hand, on the other hand new cards keeps coming. Mobile based on recent leaks RTX 3050 TiIt originated from Asus’ site.

The emergence of RTX 3050 Ti in mobile, desktop version It points out that we will not wait too long for it.

Mobile RTX 3050 Ti comes with 4GB VRAM

Known for hardware leaks on Twitter @momomo_usThe information revealed by, RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti models Confirmed. Asus released this year TUF Dash 15 matching cards with Intel’s H35 processors they use. Both cards 4 GB GDDR6 VRAM While his future is approved with, On GA107 GPU It is estimated to be built.

If it happens mobile RTX 3050 Ti, GA107 GPU It will be the first graphics card built on it. 4 GB VRAMIn addition to if the card bus width is 128-bit. Your cards TDP values if 60W. Considered a slim laptop TUF Dash 15will cope with these power consumptions comfortably.

Another leak is Acer’came from. GN20-P0 and GN20-P1 models of GN20-P1 RTX 3060 It is predicted to be. This RTX 3060 than normal much lower power consumption owner. Acer is unlike Asus To AMD processors seems to be headed.

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