Million dollar game fraud operation from the Chinese police

Million dollar game fraud operation from the Chinese police

The game cheating industry draws attention with the revenue it provides almost as much as the game manufacturers. Chinese police in joint operation with game producer Tencent millions of dollars He broke the revenue-generating game cheating gang.

Chinese police smash 76 million dollar game fraud gang

A survey conducted in 2019 approximates online gamers. of 34 percent revealed that he was using a game cheat. Due to the increase of cheat users in online games, many professional players reacted and changed the sector.

The million dollar game cheating gang is smashed

The Chinese government has increased its operations on game fraud, which many companies such as Tencent have suffered. The Chinese police, who recently ran the operation called Chicken Drumstick, smashed a cheating gang that earned $ 76 million in revenue. Police, including a large number of luxury cars 46 million dollars confiscated assets of value.

The gang, which sells game cheats to hundreds of countries, 10 with $ 200 between the membership fee. Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile The team, which develops cheats for games such as, consists of 10 people.

According to South China Morning Post, Tencent $ 293 million stated that it has the market. In addition, the company stated that both game downloads and cheating use increased due to the pandemic, and underlined that game cheat developers caused financial damage to companies.

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