Military plane crashed in Izmir: KT-1

Military plane crashed in Izmir: KT-1

While the aviation world is going through a very difficult period due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Plane crashes continues to hurt us deeply. In our country in the last two days two military plane crashes happened.

On April 7, 2021, Air Pilot Captain Burak Gençcelep was martyred as a result of the crash of the NF-5 aircraft belonging to the Turkish Stars during a training flight in Konya. There was another accident today, on April 9.

Ministry of National Defense: 2 pilots were rescued alive

According to the statement of the Ministry of National Defense: 2nd Main Jet Base Command in IzmirDuring the training flight, the KT-1 type aircraft crashed into the sea off Foça for an unidentified reason, and suffered an accident.

Two pilots were rescued alive with the immediate search and rescue work.

KT-1 Trainer Aircraft Features

KAI KT-1 Woongbi, Korea Aerospace Industries It is a South Korean-made basic trainer aircraft manufactured by The aircraft, which has a length of 10.26 meters and a wingspan of 10.59 meters, made its first flight in 1991 and was put into service in 2000.

The aircraft, which is actively used by the Turkish Air Force in training, consists of 2 crew members. Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-62 The maximum take-off weight of the KT-1, powered by a turboprop engine, is 3311 kg.

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