Microsoft Teams update released - ShiftDelete.Net

Microsoft Teams update released – ShiftDelete.Net

Microsoft’a video conferencing platform Teams, Android and iOS received a new update for. Microsoft Teams With the update, meetings and calls will be more active and users will be able to use live reactions.

Microsoft Teams update is fun

Microsoft Teams with the new update he received iOS and Android will accommodate different features for. Update to posted iOS Tea Tea will support their meetings and calls with reactions. In this way, people will be able to communicate without the need to speak. Of update Android On the front, the option to forward meetings to one or more people will become active.


for example iOS’taki With the update, participants will send effects such as animated thumbs, hearts, applause, and laughter to their friends. In addition, it will be possible to present live events from the iPad and it will be possible to remove the cached account information on the login page.

Android’de for your friends and family Teams You will be able to create and participate in the application. On the other hand, it will also be possible to forward the meetings to one or more people. Notifications of the application are now Android 11 ‘ It is offered to users at the top of the notifications section.

On the other hand, the site named Wirecutter recently examined Microsoft Teams and drew attention to the difficulty of using it with its installation. It is also eagerly expected by users that the update in question has brought a solution to this problem.

Android update on the side, iOS Although it does not bring as great an innovation and feature as its counterpart Teams will make it more useful. App App Store’da to the link contained in from here, Google Play Store’daki to connection from here, If to the desktop version from hereyou can access.

Source: Windows Central

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