Microsoft Teams gets popular Android feature

Microsoft Teams gets popular Android feature

Microsoft, Zoom rival communications app Teams started developing a new feature for. Teams, which allows users to communicate in writing as well as image and sound, in the chat window is showing. If you want to join the conversation, click this window. manuel as they need to open. The update Microsoft is working on will eliminate this obligation.

Microsoft Teams will support chat bubbles

Google, Android 11 brought a new feature to the operating system. We are used to from Facebook Messenger chat bubbles integrated in Android by default. It also offers to developers API made it possible to use balloons in all applications.

Like many software developers, Microsoft has begun bringing chat bubbles to its own Android apps. Company, ‘Microsoft 365 Roadmap’ While explaining the innovations it will make for the services under its roof, he also mentioned the Teams application in the announcement he made on his page. To popular video conferencing software chat bubbles announced that it will add support.

microsoft teams android

Chat bubbles have become the default with Android 11.

Microsoft, Teams He stated that the innovation he will add to his application is still in the development phase. The company emphasized that the current messages will automatically appear on the screen of all participants, thanks to the chat bubbles. However, your feature May 2021He shared the information that it will be available in.

Microsoft, Teams announced the update to be published for the following:

“Messages written during a Teams meeting will appear on the screen of all meeting participants. This way, conversations will become more important to relevant conversation. “

Teams has come a long way during the epidemic

One of the most beneficial applications for the demand for video conferencing software due to COVID-19 Microsoft Teams happened. Teams, which developed itself by incorporating the features of its competitors, started to be preferred frequently in virtual meetings.


Number of daily active users in 2017, when it was put into use 2 million When it comes to 2019, the service will increase this number. To 20 million had managed to remove. The number of daily use of the service, which shines in the second quarter of 2020, following the outbreak of the epidemic To 75 million reached. In the fourth quarter of the same year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Teams 115 million daily active users announced that it had arrived.

Microsoft Teams, right now In 44 languages ​​in 181 countries servicing.

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