Microsoft PowerPoint shifts to 'artificial intelligence'

Microsoft PowerPoint shifts to ‘artificial intelligence’

Helping you practice your presentation Presenter Coach It has been available on the web version of PowerPoint for a while. However, at the end of the application, desktop and mobile version support comes as well. According to Microsoft, this feature is now Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and webwill be available in.

PowerPoint Presenter Coachlistens to you and analyzes what you say as you test out loud the practice of a presentation. Also while reading the words on the slide “eee” or “Iii” when you use filler words such as too fast or slow alerts you when you speak.

Presenter Coach ile You can improve your presentation skills from anywhere

Artificial intelligence supported feature Windows him the iOS for PowerPointIt is said to work surprisingly well in. It is also stated that the feature gives you a report at the end of the presentation telling you what you need to practice.

Besides the expanded usability, there are some new ways the feature can try to improve your presentation. The feature looks at body language and indicates that if you do not make eye contact or repeat words, you make a mistake.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach Raporu

Microsoftcontinues to improve productivity applications without slowing down. The company offers new features every passing day in order to increase the user experience and efficiency.

Adding artificial intelligence support to these features Microsoftcontinues to gain strength against its rivals.

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