Microsoft is making its second largest purchase!

Microsoft is making its second largest purchase!

Microsoft, an artificial intelligence company Nuance Communications conducts purchasing negotiations for 16 billion If the agreement, which is stated to be worth of dollars, is realized, the firm’s second largest purchase it will be.

Microsoft wants to complete the talks this week

Bloomberg’in according to the news Microsoft, an artificial intelligence company Nuance Communications’ı It makes attempts to incorporate it with a value of approximately 16 million dollars. Massachusetts-based company, Appledigital assistant SiriIt is also known as the organization that helped launch. Those who asked not to be identified said the deal could be completed within this week. However, it is possible that the negotiations will end negatively.


Two companies approximate per share 56 dollar negotiating on a price. If the agreement is made, in 2016 Microsoft’a LinkedInIt will be the tech giant’s second-largest acquisition venture ever, after its $ 26.2 billion deal to buy.

Like many technology companies, Microsoft has invested heavily in artificial intelligence breakthroughs in recent years. Last year the company, 285 bin He introduced a supercomputer designed for artificial intelligence work with processor cores. In 2018, Microsoft is a speech-based artificial intelligence developer, also known as chatbots. start up firm XOXCO’yu included in it.

Nuance and Microsoft cooperation between, Covers technologies that allow physicians to record audio conversations during patient visits and enter data into electronic medical records. Developing the speech recognition software called Dragon Nuance, previous year $ 217 million lost. In the fiscal year ended 30 September, the company $ 91 million announced that he has a net income.

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