Microsoft brings Xbox's auto HDR feature to PCs

Microsoft brings Xbox’s auto HDR feature to PCs

Microsoft, Auto HDR takes its feature from the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles to the PC. According to the news of Windows Central, Windows 10 Build 21337 and above versions, PC gamers 1,000’den much DirectX 11 and 12 plans to add the high dynamic range (HDR) feature in the game.

According to Microsoft Auto HDRyour games intelligently, as long as you have a compatible monitor. color and brightness will add information.

Windows Insiders can test the new feature

You can see how the feature works in the comparison below. Microsoft is using grayscale to show parts of the image that a non-HDR screen can reproduce successfully. Gears 5of local HDR presentationputs a lot of detail in her shadows and highlights. But Auto HDR Even its presentation has significantly more information than its SDR counterpart.

Microsoft HDR

Windows Insider as long as you are Windows HD Color Settings You can enable this feature by going to page. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how this affects the HDR landscape on PCs.

As is known, this format is displayed in Windows 10 in a scattered way. Moreover, not all HDR-capable monitors display this feature equally.

Video Electronics Standards AssociationAccording to (VESA), DisplayHDR certification it has six different layers. In this context, most gaming monitors that emphasize high refresh rates fall into one of the lower categories if appropriate.

Hannah Fisher, DirectX program manager at Microsoft, on the subject;

“While some game studios develop for HDR gaming computers by working natively for HDR in their games, Auto HDR for PC only covers DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 SDR games. And intelligently expands the color / brightness range to HDR. This is a seamless platform feature that will give you a great new gaming experience that takes full advantage of your HDR monitor’s capabilities.found in the description.

Auto HDR Besides its feature, Windows 10The latest test version of, improvements to Virtual Desktops, a File Explorer layout update and even Notebook It also includes some changes in built-in applications such as.

Windows 10 coming soon Virtual Desktop and will be able to easily reorder desktops. Microsoft also File ExplorerAdds additional padding between items in.

Now classic File Explorer There’s a compact mode in the mode and the new look has been optimized for a little more touch. On the other hand, Notepad now has a new icon and Microsoft Store Can be updated via.

Microsoft also Windows 10 applications offered with Windows Terminal and Power Automate Desktopupdated to include.

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