Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Apple in Clubhouse broadcast

Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Apple in Clubhouse broadcast

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attended last night Clubhouse in the room Apple He expressed his criticism about. Soon iOS 14The new nondisclosure agreement to come and the exorbitant deductions to in-app purchases were the main focus of the discussion.

Zuckerberg in recent months WhatsApp’s new privacy agreement A name that is highly criticized because of it. But in the program he attended yesterday, the Facebook founder directed a similar criticism arrow to Apple. Through the App Store, Apple’s users can watch all application and web browsing Emphasizing, Mark has made it clear that he is dissatisfied with the upcoming privacy policy update. He shared that the changes are meant to give more control over iPhone user data.

Mark Zuckerberg opposes Apple’s privacy changes

Popular voice chat app Clubhouse hosted a very heated conversation last night. Located between speakers Mark ZuckerbergHas repeatedly reiterated Apple’s concerns about privacy updates here. He stated that although the changes will not affect Facebook much, they will hurt small businesses and developers. The Facebook CEO said the following words fueling the controversy:

The truth is, I am sure we can handle this situation well and we will be in a good position. Apple’s changes could put us in a stronger position. Because there are so many businesses trading on our platforms. However, these will still be challenging for small businesses. This is why I am against change.


The Facebook founder voiced his criticism about Apple in the Clubhouse post.

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t the only person caught in the middle of the arguments with Apple. To support him Spotify CEO’su Daniel Ek He also expressed a few sentences. In 2019 To the European Commission He said he filed a complaint against Apple. This is in the App Store that it stems from the 30 percent share cut from in-app purchases. added. The Annex’s approach to the subject is as follows:

My opinion is that this is very detrimental not only to Spotify, but to the vast ecosystem of app developers and content producers. That’s why we made a formal complaint.

Apple said in the last quarter of last year that it reduced its App Store commission rate to 15 percent for small businesses that earn $ 1 million annually. But still, the share of the company from other applications is not at all. And whose side are you on this issue? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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