Louvre Museum opened to visit online

Louvre Museum opened to visit online

The world’s largest art museum located in Paris, the capital of France Louvreis opened to the online visit. Currently, a limited amount of artworks can be visited online. All artworks will be available online on Friday. The works in the warehouse and borrowed will also be accessible on the website.

Louvre Museum also opens popular art works online

The world’s most popular works of art too Louvre Museum made available online by. Among the works currently available online Mona LisaWedding in Cana, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo, Napoleon’s coronation and Freedom Before the People. You can view a large number of works online. Artifacts include paintings, sculptures, jewelry, antique furniture, inscriptions, and ancient objects.

Louvre museum online

To all works of art collections.louvre.fr can be accessed through the site. You can have information from the inventory number of the artworks to the hall in the museum. This information includes descriptions of the artworks, their dimensions, what material they were made of, which paint was used and who the characters in the paintings were.

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