LG's foldable television 'for free' goes on sale

LG’s foldable television ‘for free’ goes on sale

Closing the smartphone era LGWe may never see the foldable phone launch. But at least the foldable model of the television that everyone has been watching with curiosity for years is by LG. United States of AmericaIt was put up for sale in.

LG recently updated its international website OLED R to the product page “Inquire to Buy”Button added. According to the Internet Archive, this option 6th of Aprilseems to have existed since. When you tap this button, the contact information of a local sales representative greets you.

The foldable television has three different views

Your television on the website ABD There is no mention of pricing. However, LG has been selling the OLED R since last October. South KoreaFoldable television in For 89 thousand dollars Let’s remind that it costs.

as you will remember 65 inch, 4K, Foldable television with next-generation audio technology was introduced at CES 2019 with a great presentation.

LG Rollable OLED TV R ‘ninLet us point out that it offers the user 3 different viewing options. With this TV, users’Full view’, ‘Semi View‘and’Zero Appearance‘will be able to watch television in ways that are possible with the development of OLED technology by choosing one of the options.

In addition, television’s “In Row ViewOnly part of the screen is visible to show the time, weather and check the music. In addition to hiding the screen completely, it is also possible to lower the screen when watching a movie to avoid cinemascope. Among the more mundane features of television AirPlay 2 and Homekit In addition to the support, there are various voice activated assistants.

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