Kia showcases images of new electric car

Kia showcases images of new electric car

That, after some shady teaser footage released last week, new EV6 electric car presented his first real image. EV6Not all of the details will be announced until an online event later this month, but the new images at least reveal what it looks like in reality.

EV6: the first vehicle to take advantage of Kia’s new design philosophy

EV6, sporty crossover ‘and has an inspired design. Automobile company “Opposites United” It stands out as the first vehicle to benefit from Kia’s new design philosophy, which it calls and consists of at least five pillars.

Kia design chief Karim Habib explains what that means in this video; “Brave for Nature” “Joy of Mind,” “Progressive Power”, “Technology for Life” and “Tension for Peace.”

Karim Habib explains the EV6, which attracted attention as Kia’s first private electric car; “A showcase of human-centered, progressive design and electric power. We strongly believe that the EV6 is an interesting and relevant model for the new electric vehicle market. With the EV6, we aimed to create a distinctive, effective design using a combination of sophisticated, high-tech features in pure and rich volumes, while providing a unique space as a futuristic EV. said.

That, Niro‘now gas-hybrid It describes the EV6 as the first “special battery-electric vehicle”, as it has a new version with electric powertrains in addition to its models. The EV6 is parent company Hyundai’s new E-GMP platform built around and announced second E-GMP It was introduced as an intermediary.

For more technical details about the car, EV6You will have to wait for the full reveal. Kia has yet to reveal a date for the event, but the event Mart He states that it will be in the month of.

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