Keyword Analysis Tools for the Year 2021

Keyword analysis tools Before introducing it is necessary to know what these tools do. After this definition, it will be more useful and digestible to examine the tools.

Keyword selection It is one of the most important steps in SEO work. It determines how far web pages to be installed or renewed will be ahead of Google searches. The further you are, the higher your payoff will be. Therefore, keyword selection is very important. Outpacing competitors in competitor analysis and SEO studies is highly dependent on keyword selection. Make sure you make the right choice.

Keyword analysis tools I cannot help addressing some issues without addressing them. There are hundreds or even thousands of SEO tools available on the internet. Many of these may give you completely false and unrealistic results instead of making you a clear and correct success. This may be due to insufficient technology and infrastructure used. On the contrary, some analysis tools can lead us to completely organic and correct results. Let’s examine them one by one.


Keyword Analysis Tools for the Year 2021

SEMrush it is not just a SEO analysis tool. At the same time, it is a system that meets almost all the requirements of the seo field and makes examinations to the finest detail. It reveals the tactics used by your competitors and provides organic information about your competitors. It reveals long-tail keywords. Analyzes annual keyword trends. Provides worldwide CPC statistics. It provides organic traffic forecasting. It is a paid tool. There is also a free 7-day demo option. It enables the use of 4 different paid plans.

  • Pro Plan: It is the planning preferred by limited budget and freelancers. It is 83 USD per year.
  • The Guru Plan: For SEO agencies and small to medium sized companies. It is very suitable for daily management and control of content sites. It is 166 USD per month.
  • Business Plan: For e-commerce stores and agencies. It is 333 USD per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: For large businesses that provide large scale SEO services. SEMrush will serve you according to your needs.

What is SEMrush? How to use?


Keyword Analysis Tools for the Year 2021

Ahrefshas stood out in 2020 as one of the best keyword analysis tools for those who want to create content today. In 2021, Ahref will stand out as one of the best word research tools. Ahrefs provides the customer with a comprehensive seo report and allows your seo values ​​to be measured with custom instant measurements. Plans the keyword difficulty more accurately. It offers more than 1000 options. It is used in more than 171 countries. To increase CTR click metrics shows. It also provides detailed information on an overview of the SERP. It is a paid tool like SEMrush and this tool also offers a 7-day demo period. The packages Afrefs has created for you are:

  • Lite: It is the same as the tariff in the trial package. Access is provided for 7 days. It is 99 USD per user.
  • Standard: The same price for the trial package is applied. Full access is provided for 7 days. It is $ 179 per user.
  • Advenced: There is no trial package. 3 user fee is 399 USD.
  • Agency: There is no trial package. 35 user fee is 999 USD.

3-Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Analysis Tools for the Year 2021

Google keyword planner, It is a simple sitword analysis tool that offers a few key points. Despite not being useful, in any case it has been one of the most precise site word analysis information sources available. The information is realistic as the results come from Google. It coordinates well with the AdSense implementation. It provides a detailed report using the ‘top of page’ bid range. Offers full tracking volume valid from Google’s index. It is the ideal decision for corporate sites. It is a free tool, but it also has many paid options.


Keyword Analysis Tools for the Year 2021

Mangools It is a tool planned by. Beginners can take advantage of the beginner guides on the site. KWfinder allows to recognize the features of low SEO issues as well as all the useful features. It offers a simple and unusual interface. Location and language do not matter. Offers options from the list of innovations. Takes precise measurements for verbal competition. It generates compelling suggestions for the SERP suggestion list. It is a paid tool and some of its packages are:

  • Basic: 30 USD. It is the choice of self-employed and small businesses.
  • Premium: 40 USD. For new entrepreneurs and blogs.
  • Agency: 80 USD. For e-commerce and heavy sites.

Keyword Analysis Tools for the Year 2021

It is an alternative to Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. These tools help you reach long and short tail keywords with Google search suggestions. Keyword suggestions will be generated and presented to the user according to the selected Google domain and language. It has paid and free options. The free version offers over 750 long keyword suggestions per search. It produces a safe result as it is always working 99.99%. It can be used completely free of charge without creating an account.

As mentioned above, you can use these tools as you wish. It is very important to choose these tools instead of unnamed and reliable tools. SEO Trust is very important to It should not be forgotten that our SEO work starts from the keyword and a mistake made in the first step can have great results.

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