John Wick's director Ghost of Tsushima is producing the movie

John Wick’s director Ghost of Tsushima is producing the movie

Sony, PlayStation He always pays extra attention to the games he has specially developed for him. These productions stand out not only with their gameplay and graphics, but also with their stories. The company’s games, which are like an interactive movie, are gradually being transferred to television and cinema. Firstly The Last of UsAfter the announcement of the TV series project, another good news came. Popular samurai game Ghost of TsushimaComing soon with the movie adaptation.

Ghost of Tsushima movie coming from the director of John Wick

Sonystarted working on the film adaptation of the successful game. In the director’s chair of the project Chad Stahelski will sit. Stahelski particularly successful action movie series John Wick is known for. PlayStation Product Line President Asad Qizilbash, He made some statements on the subject. Qizilbash, “Chad We love to work with creative partners who are passionate about our games like. It will excite our fans and viewers we want to make rich adaptations. ” said. For now, we do not have any other details about the movie, which is still in development.

ghost of tsushima

Sucker Punch developed by Ghost of Tsushima, it was released last year. Game, Mongolian A samurai tasked with defending his homeland from invasion Jim Sakaitells the story of. The production managed to exceed expectations, especially by getting very high scores from the actors and critics. Whether the film will meet the expectations is a matter of curiosity.

Other Sony productions coming as well

Ghost of Tsushimathe only expected Sony not made. The company has been trying to turn its other games into movies and series for a while. One of them is Uncharted, another console exclusive game. Famous treasure hunter Nathan Drake’The film, which will tell about s youth, unfortunately comes to the fore with changes in directors and production disruptions. In construction Nathan Drake If your character Spiderman we know from the movies Tom Holland refreshes. The production is expected to be released on February 11, 2022.

Similarly The Last of Usis shifting from the game world to television. HBO Developed by the series, it is getting ready to come to the screens with the first season, where it tells the story of the first game. In the producer chair of the series, he was the head of both games. Neil Druckmann takes place. Druckmann, who was criticized especially for the story in the second game, is eagerly anticipated what he will offer in the series.

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