Japanese billionaire looking for eight people to travel to the moon

Japanese billionaire looking for eight people to travel to the moon

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, its people; On his special mission around the moon SpaceX‘s Starship; He invited him to apply for travel and announced that he would travel only with an elite group. The journey is now 2023 is scheduled for, but this date may not be valid.

In a video where the competition application was published, Maezawa said, “I want people from all backgrounds to participate. There will be 10 to 12 people in total, but I will invite 8 people for a ride.“He made the statements.

Japanese billionaire looking for eight people to travel with him to the moon

Founder of Japan’s largest online fashion retailer, Maezawa’s personal fortune is approximately 2 billion dollars. Maezawa, 2023’te six days aiming to bring “six to eight people from around the world” to accompany him on a moon flight mission Moon Project announced.

There are currently two selection criteria for the journey. Someone “Can push his limits to help other people and somehow the larger society” the other is “Willing to support other crew members sharing similar requestsThe selection will be made among those who are ”

The project has been constantly changing for the last two years. In January 2020 MaezawaLaunched a campaign to look for a female partner to accompany her around the moon. A website for the competition 27.722 received application. However, the contest was canceled weeks later, for personal reasons.

MaezawA’s announcement does not contain any details on how the chosen astronauts will be trained for the mission. However, he made it clear that the undisclosed ticket price was his own: “I bought all the seats. This will be a special journey.Found in the statement.

If you want to be involved in the project here you can click


Starship, The people of SpaceX and future missions 100 tons new generation, fully reusable, designed to transport up to 20 cargoes into deep space Mars is rocket system. So far, rockets have flown only for trial purposes, and both tests have resulted in fiery explosions during landing attempts.

SpaceXother crew vehicle Crew Dragon it is already used in the operational phase. In addition, his work continues for future flights with private astronauts and tourists. Acorn-shaped capsule; the first two astronaut crews under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program last year. International Space StationHe flew to.

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