Jail shock for man who wants to 'blow up' the internet

Jail shock for man who wants to ‘blow up’ the internet

In his previous hearing, the court said:definitely not stupid”Said Seth Aaron Pendley of Texas, to “blow up” the internet He faced a prison sentence for plotting a terrorist attack.

28-year-old according to court documents PendleyPurchased items he thought explosive from a secret agent in Texas. But on Thursday FBI was taken into custody by. The conclusion from the court is that Pendley’s tech giants target data centers showed.

Seth Aaron Pendley wanted to destroy 70 percent of the internet

Pendley, Ashburn – a city in Virginia, according to the authorities Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center caught his eye. Known as a powerful plastic explosive C-4 Pendley, who wanted to blow up data with, wanted to destroy about 70 percent of the internet. Because it targets Ashburn region Of over 100 data centershosts e. Also, too many cloud services are stored in this region.


The attacker planned to explode Amazon Web Services.

Seth Aaron Pendley said this action, “oligarchy“Planned to destroy. With this terrorist attack to anger the deep state He said he intended. Not a stupid suicide bomber Pendley, who voiced his patriotism and For the people of the USA He stated that he realized.

Pendley terminating the worldwide internet network and thus because of his failed plan to anger the evil forces attempting to maliciously destroy a building with an explosive device appeared before the court. If Seth Aaron Pendley convicted in the ongoing case 20 years imprisonment will take.

Pendley, January 6, the Congress Building raid also took place

Donald Trump Not concealing that he is a supporter, Seth Aaron Pendley, January 6 Congress Building uprising during Washington DCwas located in. Pendley wrote on social media that he took part in this action that killed five people.

January 6 events

January 6 U.S. Capitol raid

Usually located in the right section MyMilitia Expressing that he took part in the protests on the social media platform named PendleyHe implied that the uprising did not go far enough in the incident that killed five people. The uprising was described as just a patriotism.

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