It Takes Two 22 minute gameplay video released

It Takes Two 22 minute gameplay video released

It Takes Two for 22 minutes one “first gameThe video has been released. The first parts of the game were shown to the players with a 22-minute video. Game, A Way OutIt is made by the developers of and has a similar structure to the first game. In A Way Out, you play with two people as a co-op. If you can’t find friends to play with, the game matches you with an online player to play.

It Takes Two is made by the developers of A Way Out

Game, A Way Outdeveloper of Hazelight Studios done by. It Takes TwoIt has similar co-op gameplay as A Way Out. You can start the game by matching with your friend or an online player. The story of the game is about a couple on the verge of breaking up.

it Takes Two

The game is a platform game and these mechanics are well absorbed into the game. You try to solve puzzles by helping your friend in the game. Players can see each other’s screens.

The screen is divided vertically in half in the middle. The first stages of the game teach us the mechanics. The mentoring of our couple, who turned into rag babies, was “Book of LoveHe’s making a book called ”. If we look at the gameplay video, a very entertaining game awaits us. Especially the platform parts look very nice.

It Takes Two, 26 MartIt will debut on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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