Is Xiaomi dropping the MIUI interface?  Mi TaleUI seen

Is Xiaomi dropping the MIUI interface? Mi TaleUI seen

Xiaomi for many years in its smartphones MIUI used interface. However, the company is preparing to abandon this popular interface completely in the coming months. According to reports My TaleUI, It will appear as Xiaomi’s next interface.

Chinese company is currently MIUI 12.5 works on the interface. This interface, according to the official statement, From 30 April will be released for supported devices. If later Xiaomi, It will make preparations for the expected MIUI 13 interface. However, users are eagerly waiting MIUI 13, maybe it will never come. Because that emerged today My TaleUIIt is candidate to be Xiaomi’s new interface after MIUI 12.5.

Goodbye to MIUI interface with Mi TaleUI

Today at Weibo, owned by Xiaomi My TaleUI A teaser image of a new interface called. Is on the shared photo Mi 11 series the name is mentioned. Probably, the new interface Xiaomi is developing will first come to the Mi 11 series. However, we estimate that other models will take this update gradually. So what kind of features will Xiaomi’s new interface have? Is it just a name change, or will we see significant innovations?


Xiaomi’s new interface, Mi TaleUI, appeared on Weibo

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the new interface in the picture. However, when we look carefully, a different home page view does not go unnoticed. This is more reminiscent of a design we are familiar with from Windows Mobile. If you need to go even deeper, Xiaomi’s new interface, iOS 14It will have boxes as well. However, there are not many details in this picture leaked at the moment. So it may be too early to comment.

What does the MIUI interface mean?

Xiaomi’s popular MIUI interface; “Me You IPronounced as ”. This interface has been around since the very beginning of the Android operating system. Even first Android Froyo 2.2 It was released in 2010 with. MIUI, which has a history of about ten years, now takes its place in the coming years. My TaleUI is expected to leave the interface.

Let’s see Xiaomi, MIUI leaving the interface completely and new bar will it switch to the interface? Let’s wait and see.

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