Is the Adidas women's day gift real?

Is the Adidas women’s day gift real?

Taking advantage of March 8, International Women’s Day, fraudsters started to send Adidas women’s day gift messages via WhatsApp. Adidas women’s day message is real questions are also frequently sought.

Although the sportswear brand Adidas sometimes has various campaigns on the occasion of special occasions, no special campaign has been made by the company as a women’s day gift this year. So spread over WhatsApp “Adidas women’s day gift, Adidas gives 1 million pairs of shoes!” their messages do not reflect the truth.

Adidas warning for women’s day gift message!

Bitdefender Turkey Flame Akkoyunlu Director of Operations, “Adidas women’s day” sent with the content message “adidasshoe(nokta)buzz” He said that his link should not be clicked.

Alev Akkoyunlu, against similar fraudulent methods in order to prevent your personal information from falling into the hands of malicious people. 4 warnings made. These warnings are as follows:

The presence of official logos in a message does not mean that the message actually comes from that institution.

Even if the WhatsApp message only asks you to click on the link in the message, do not click it. If the offer is too good to be true and the reward it offers you is significantly greater than your effort, it is definitely a phishing message.

When you see message content such as offers and gifts, check the information by visiting the company’s own website.

If you want to be protected from these types of attacks, use a mobile security solution that can protect you from phishing, scams and malware on all your devices.

I clicked the link in the adidas women’s day gift message, is it infected?

There are usually no viruses in such messages spread over WhatsApp. These are simple scam (scam) consists of messages. Scam messages contain only advertisements. Therefore, because you click on the link, your phone will not be infected with any virus.

However, there is no guarantee that there will be no viruses in the next messages. Therefore, from WhatsApp Adidas women’s day gift etc. Directly delete messages of this type without clicking any of them.


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