IPhone patent with 'cheese grater' design from Apple

IPhone patent with ‘cheese grater’ design from Apple

Apple Organized in 2019 WWDC new cheese grater design Mac Pro He introduced his device. Developed the perforated ventilation slots to help lighten the processor under the heavy workload of the device. The company now uses the same thermal architecture design iPhone took a step to bring it to its models.

Many users took the Mac Pro, which came with an unusual design, on social media. But Apple showed that he was behind this design. The new patent received by the company, “cheese grater”This time showed that an attempt was made to integrate into the iPhone.

Apple works on ‘cheese grater’ looking iPhone

Emerging new iPhone driving licenses, your phone ‘cheese grater‘showed that it will have edges that resemble’. In the statement of the patent, the company talked about how this design concept can improve the performance of mobile devices.

Apple developed so far components that cannot be achieved with three-dimensional designs While saying that it can be used more comfortably with the new design; same time advanced heat removal stated that the levels will be reached. So iPhones with the new design cooler and faster He said it would work somehow.

New iPhone patent

IPhone patent with cheese grater design

Apple applies for many patents every year. But not all of these patents come into effect. Some are thrown away in the testing stages, others in the early stages. Hence ‘cheese important‘looking iPhone device, like many patents in the past, can remain a dream. However, the company still needs a little more time to figure out how this design will work in practice.

New iPhone patent

IPhone patent with cheese grater design

Apple in the past Butterfly Keyboard, Magic Mouse with upside-down charging It appeared before us with interesting designs such as. But Mac Pro with a cheese grater effect It had been one of the company’s most extraordinary works. Of the same design iPhoneFor now, it remains unclear whether it will be applied to. However, if the company takes such an initiative, it seems that there will be a lot of talk, good or bad.

Mac Pro 2019

Mac Pro with cheese grater design (2019)

What are your thoughts on the cheese grater-looking iPhone patent? Do you think such a design would attract attention if it appeared on the market? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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