iPhone 13 Mini leaked for the first time!  Here are the features

iPhone 13 Mini leaked for the first time! Here are the features

New leaks continue to come about the iPhone 13 series phones, which are expected to be introduced in the last quarter of this year. There have been many rumors about the main models of the series until now. Recent reports are Apple’s iPhone 13 Mini showed that he was working on the model. The technical characteristics of the expected device have emerged.

Unfortunately, last year’s sales of the iPhone 12 Mini did not meet the company’s expectations. However, the Apple company will not immediately unplug this series. iPhone 13 Mini will try his luck again with. So what innovations will this phone come with?

Apple will try its luck again with the iPhone 13 Mini

Allegedly in Apple’s next generation product planning Mini model will also take place. This device is the previous generation iPhone 12 Mini’ye will undergo some changes according to. The first change will be in the structure of the camera module.

iPhone 13 Mini

CAD drawings

PhoneArena based on CAD images leaked by iPhone 13 Miniwill continue to basically continue the design of the previous generation. However, there will be some changes on the rear camera side. Apple will place the lenses diagonally on this phone, unlike the iPhone 12 Mini. If you look carefully at the photo below, it is possible to understand this difference easily:

iPhone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 Mini render

Unfortunately, the front panel design of the device was not included in the resulting leak report. However, according to the leaks of other models in the series, this phone will continue the notch design we are used to. However, this time the dimensions of the notch will be slightly smaller. The device will look nicer thanks to this.

Why did the iPhone 12 Mini fail?

Apple’s last year iPhone 12 adds to the series Mini The model was not very popular with users. The reason for this is that the battery capacity of the device is smaller than other models. The device meets almost all expectations on the processor side. However, unfortunately, it does not attract users very much due to its small capacity battery. In addition, the high selling price of the device is a big negative factor for consumers.

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