iPhone 11 Pro waited for 1 month in the icy lake: here is the result

iPhone 11 Pro waited for 1 month in the icy lake: here is the result

Deep into an icy lake iPhone 11 Pro If you dropped the device, would you consider taking it back? Probably not many people dare to do this. Or, thinking that the phone will be broken anymore, he withdraws. But Angie Carriere A woman named a woman never ceased to recover her device for 1 month. The determined woman’s attempt to recover the phone and the latest version of the device stunned everyone who saw it.

A similar incident took place in Canada in the past weeks. Diving enthusiast Clayton Helkenberg and his wife HeatherAt the bottom of Harrison Lake iPhone 11 had found. The smartphone, which had been waiting in the depths of the water for six months, started working almost completely without any problems. Similar news now came from another lake in the country.

IPhone 11 Pro waiting in the lake for 1 month shocked those who saw it

Canadian Angie Carriere With friends to celebrate his 50th birthday Waskesiu LakeHe went fishing in. At one point in the promenade, a strong wind blew his tent on the sidelines. At that time iPhone 11 Pro the device was on Angie’s knee. The woman stood up to fix the wind-damaged tent. Meanwhile, the phone slipped from his knee and fell into the lake.

When the Apple phone dropped in water, Angie Carriere didn’t dare to rescue her from the lake. But then his mind changed and he returned twice to take the device out of the lake. However, both the results were disappointing. He could not find the phone. But on the third visit, with the help of her friends, she finally got her device. deep in the lake He found it stuck and brought it to the surface.

iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro, which stayed in the icy lake for 1 month, worked without any problems.

To land the phone, they attached a magnet to the end of the fishing line and lowered it into the lake. Carriere’s plan worked and iPhone 11 Pro reached its owner again. What about the condition of the device? In perfect health! Angie, “Nothing working on my phone, totally hassle free,” said. Lucky woman CTV News He was a guest on a YouTube channel named, and told about the events he had experienced.

IPhone 11 Pro phone released in 2019 IP68 certification owner. In this way Up to a depth of 4 meters for 30 minutes manages to be waterproof. But Apple it never commits to its users more. It is almost a miracle that the phone was stranded at the bottom of a lake in Canada for 1 month and then surfaced completely. That’s why nobody tests these crazy ones. not doing recommended.

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