iOS 14.4.1 update is out!  How to install?

iOS 14.4.1 update is out! How to install?

Apple Watch ile Unlocking iPhoneContinuing the testing process for iOS 14.5, which has hosted many innovations from supporting the controllers of new game consoles, Apple made a surprise. iOS 14.4.1 version appeared with.

When Apple releases such interim updates, it is often a step taken for security reasons. Looking at the update notes iOS 14.4.1 ve iPadOS 14.4.1will allow web content created by malicious individuals to run code WebKit bug fix We see.

What does the iOS 14.4.1 update offer?

The second factor that reveals that it is a security-focused version, because of its much smaller size compared to the recent updates. Apple doesn’t mention any other details in the update notes, he’s always using “bug fixes and performance improvement‚ÄĚStatement is not included.

In this context, the highly anticipated innovations are hidden in iOS 14.5. Apple, which also released macOS Big Sur 11.2.3 and watchOS 7.3.2 versions, similarly states that security errors have been fixed in the update notes.

To install the iOS 14.4.1 update Settings> General> Software Update Just follow the path.

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