Interesting reaction from Elon Musk to Chinese Tesla ban - ShiftDelete.Net

Interesting reaction from Elon Musk to Chinese Tesla ban – ShiftDelete.Net

Chinese Army and From Chinese government agencies incoming Tesla electric car ban, Seems like Elon MuskHe worried. Musk, China Development Forum made a statement via video interview at a meeting within the scope of Famous business person at the meeting Tesla of tools espionage denied his allegations.

Elon Musk response to Chinese Tesla ban: if he spies, we’ll shut down Tesla

The USA carries the Chinese tension in another dimension Tesla ban first step to Chinese Army threw. Under this step, there is the concern that the cameras and sensors in the cars will be used to leak information. Later, from other state institutions Tesla cars forbidden came.

Elon Musk Tesla emphasized in the video interview he attended that cars are not used for espionage. Going further, Musk announced that if Tesla was used for such a purpose, he would close the company.

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China is currently the world’s largest electric car market. For example from the USA General Motorsand cooperates with Chinese companies to exist in the market in Turkey. Tesla is currently the biggest player in this huge market. Musk’s, China of the state Tesla ban This soft reaction to his decision may have been due to his desire to maintain market leadership.

Tesla ban from the Chinese state and behind the scenes

Although China has a good relationship with Tesla, according to experts, the strained US relations over the past two years triggered this ban. Actually Chinese Army The decision taken by internal correspondence was a kind of security measure. Many armies of the world take such security measures to prevent the location of their strategic facilities.

Tesla electric carsWith its cameras and sensors, it poses a danger to the Chinese army. Much criticized even in the USA rear view mirror camera most worrying hardware.

This camera checks whether the driver is awake or not. And it has the ability to collect and send images without the driver’s permission. It has previously been revealed that these rear view mirrors can be opened remotely even when the vehicle is turned off.

Tesla made 21 percent of its sales in 2020 in China. Tesla generated $ 6.66 billion in revenue in the country in 2020. The brand made sales of $ 31.54 billion worldwide. The company’s sales in China in 2019 were recorded as $ 2.98 billion.

Tesla electric car market leader in its field. The brand, which is ambitious in the Chinese market, recently lost the leadership to a $ 4500 car. Named Hong Guang Mini, this electric car is owned by the Chinese state-owned car company SAIC and ABD’li General Motors developed together. The vehicle, which ended Tesla’s market leadership in January, draws attention with its compact structure:

Although the tension between China and the USA has settled after Trump, US President Joe Biden has not taken a step back yet. However, the Chinese state continues to negotiate embargo issues with the United States.

Source: The Verge

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