Intel gives date for Meteor Lake series: Switching to 7nm

Intel gives date for Meteor Lake series: Switching to 7nm

AyrIntel made announcements about the company’s future steps and new investments at the conference it organized. Speaker Pat Gelsinger, CEO of the company, talked about the new strategies and the obstacles to Intel’s transition to 7nm architecture. Intel the long-awaited breakthrough Meteor Lake series also gave a date for.

One of the steps that the manufacturer, which has lost its market share to AMD in recent years, is late 7nm processor architecture had happened. After the late steps, the company aims to be reborn with its new strategy.

First details about the Intel Meteor Lake series

The company, which has been hit by AMD in the desktop processor market in recent years, detailed information about its new trump card Meteor Lake series at the conference it organized. AMD next year To 5nm architecture While the company is still very backward on this issue as it prepares to make the transition, the new strategies that have been announced look promising.

According to the new strategy announced by the company, investment will be made in chip production. The production facility that has been created will provide chips to both the company itself and its partners. 20 billion dollars This investment is the beginning of the production process, which will further concentrate on EUV production in order to overcome the main difficulties in moving the company to 7nm.

Ultimately, Intel will complete the 7nm chip design this year and In 2023 will launch. There will now be Intel Meteor Lake series in the desktop processor market. In addition, the Granite Rapids series developed for data centers will appear in the same year.

However, the processors we mentioned will not be the fruit of Intel’s new investment. The two series, coming out in 2023, will use cores produced by external sources. This is actually the investment made long term oriented It shows us that it is.

Do you think Intel will dominate its opponent with the Meteor Lake series?

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