Intel can open facilities for Apple M1 processor

Intel can open facilities for Apple M1 processor

Intel’in yeni CEO’su Pat Gelsinger, Apple with M1 processor he seeks to fix relations strained by his face. Instead of Intel processors that Apple has used for years TMSC Developing its own processor means a significant loss of market for Intel. Gelsinger, on the other hand, decided to play his cards face up to avoid this loss.

Foundry offer from Intel for Apple M1 processor

Apple, in two years to completely replace Intel processors M1 processor It will use ARM processors such as. Intel is trying to convince its old and loyal customer. In this sense, the new CEO announced that they want to partner with Apple again.

Gelsinger, which he gave in the interview Apple’s ARM based processors He showed that he trusts TSMC a lot. The new CEO says Apple is a big customer but TMSCHe explained that he was addicted to. Intel’s Microsoft and Qualcomm Reminding that he also works with companies such as Apple, From Intel foundries calls to benefit.

When combined with Intel’s new foundry investments, the statement becomes even more meaningful. With this new investment ARM based processors The company that will develop for TSMCintends to prevent. With this huge investment, the company is trying to end the ongoing processor crisis.

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Intel CEO’s Pat Gelsinger

With this new investment, Intel will take part in the processor market as both a manufacturer and a supplier. Recently ARM based processors rise of TMSCfor the time being, the firm has raised 5 nm processor cannot keep up with their demands. Continuing pandemic conditions caused disruption of processes in processor production and supply. This resulted in the processor crisis that spread all over the world.

Apple M1 processorused in mobile processors until now ARM based processors carried to computers. On the other hand, Intel shot commercials explaining the advantages of Intel processors against this new technology.

The semiconductor giant didn’t just stay with these commercials. Intel, Macbook with M1 processor with models Laptops with Intel processors He also prepared a website that compares it. A data shared on this website caused Intel to be ridiculed on social media.

Intel on the website, Acer Swift 5has announced that it has a battery life of 10 hours. On Acer’s own site, this battery life was written for 18 hours. This huge difference put both Intel and Acer in a difficult situation.

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