Innovations from YouTube that make content producers happy

Innovations from YouTube that make content producers happy

YouTube increasing interaction between creators and viewers continues to appear with various features. As of today, three new features have been made available. All of these innovations premiere feature in focus.

So what is the first impression feature? YouTube defines this feature as: It allows content producers and their viewers to watch and experience a new video together in real time.

YouTube premieres feature is now more capable

With the new feature called Live Redirect, you can organize an interactive event before starting the first demonstration. In this context, you can answer the questions. question – answer activity or quiz You can edit.

Fragments feature, as the name suggests an introductory video before the main video allows you to present. YouTube stated that creators can use a video with a length of 15 seconds to 3 minutes as a trailer.

You are now more free to start a countdown before the premiere. You are allowed to start a countdown of 1 to 10 minutes using a variety of themes offered by YouTube.

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