Illegal claim for WhatsApp privacy policy!

Illegal claim for WhatsApp privacy policy!

WhatsApp, FacebookIt is facing a huge backlash due to the privacy policy change that will allow all users in the apps it owns to collect their data in one place. The application is now a German company due to some legal issues, WhatsAppstarted an action to stop the update of.

“WhatsApp privacy policy is against the law”

The new privacy policy offered by WhatsApp to its users caused reactions from day one. Many users turned to alternative apps. Now, the new claims are that the policy creates some legal problems. BloombergAccording to the news of Hamburg Data Protection and Freedom of Information Commissioner the one Johannes Caspar, He announced that a process has been initiated to stop the company’s privacy policy update. On the other hand, the commissioner, Facebook‘a WhatsAppHe stated that they feared that the company would use the data from the company to expand its marketing and advertising business and therefore wanted the new policy to be stopped.

Caspar “Currently, WhatsApp with Facebook There are grounds to believe that the data sharing provisions between is intended to be unlawfully enforced due to the lack of voluntary and informed consent. Over a million people illegal When the consent coercion is withdrawn, a formal administrative procedure started “ said.


The process initiated is generally the users agreeing to the new privacy policy, or WhatsAppthe date he should stop using 15 May 2021 ′aims to come to a decision before. The decision will only apply to users residing in Germany. However, the decision is also for other countries and regulators. peer it looks like a great possibility to create.

The same institution four years ago Facebook He initiated an investigation into the company regarding the changes regarding information sharing between companies. As a result of the investigation Facebook and WhatsApp data sharing between, FROMhas since become more limited compared to other regions.

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