Huge budget for the Lord of the Rings from Amazon

Huge budget for the Lord of the Rings from Amazon

TV series continue to grow in production quality and approach cinema quality. Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian and WandaVision While productions such as Amazon are the first examples of this, With the Lord of the Rings He rolled up his sleeves to raise the bar a little higher.

According to the statement made Prime VideoThe series under construction will have a huge budget of 65 million dollars. So the shots New ZelandOngoing production in the most expensive series in history it will be.

Statement from the Minister to the Lord of the Rings

Explanation New Zealand Economic Development and Tourism Minister Stuart Nashcame from. Giving an interview to the Morning Post Nash, ÔÇťAmazon costs 650 million New Zealand dollars for the first season alone (USD 465 million) will spend. This will be the biggest television series ever made. ” said.

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Morfydd Clark, who will play the character of Galadriel in the series.

Although we have witnessed high budget jobs in recent years Lord of the Rings goes well above average. For example, the current owner of the record and the stormy series of an era Game of Thrones, per section 10 million dollars, if seasonal 100 million He had a budget of dollars. Moreover, this happened after the explosion of the series. The first season budget of the popular production is per episode 6 million was filled.

The shooting of the series, the production phase of which started in 2017, started in the first months of 2019. But Covid-19 The pandemic slowed down the production by constantly delaying and canceling the shots. Although filming resumed last September, it remains unclear when the Lord of the Rings series will air.

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