Huawei is working on 6G technology!  Here is the date

Huawei is working on 6G technology! Here is the date

In Turkey 4.5G technology Approximately 5 years have passed since it started to be used. In this process, while the coverage areas are expanding mobile internet speeds also increased. However, mobile communication technology continued to develop further during this period. Many companies 5G started to work for. Among these companies Huawei, already 5G base stations made available in some regions. However, Huawei has already 6G technology announced that it started to work for.

Huawei showed the year 2030 for 6G technology

First 4G LTE supported smartphone on February 10, 2011 Samsung introduced by. The first 5G supported phone was introduced last year. Galaxy S20 was the model. When we look at the point where mobile communication technology has come, 5G technology We will not wait long for it to become widespread. However, Huawei does not stand idle in this process, 6G announced that it started to work for. Chinese technology company, In the year 2030 He stated that he plans to launch 6G powered devices and infrastructure.

The widespread use of the Internet and technology, data usage caused a serious increase. For the transportation of this data, the communication technologies bandwidths needs to increase. 5G compared to 4G in this regard quite big has an improvement. Huawei is already 6G technology started to work for. What the company targets 9-year processNot an impossible time for 6G.

US applied to Huawei embargoIs challenging the Chinese technology company. Especially in Europe and America Huawei sales of smart phones dropped drastically. For this reason, Huawei has started to focus on different areas. Company health Service, coal mining, pig farming and autonomous vehicles It started to turn to markets such as. Apart from these markets, the place where Huawei is most active mobile communication technology.

Huawei’s product sales in 2020 3.8 percent increased. Among the products that have the most impact on this increase 5G base stations takes place. Chinese technology company in mobile communication technology becoming a monopoly will provide an important advantage for the future of the company.

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