Huawei is bleeding in the Chinese market with its sales

Huawei is bleeding in the Chinese market with its sales

Huawei US embargo The post continues to lose blood in the smartphone market, where it is playing leadership. The telecommunications giant has so far increased its sales in its own home and has somewhat broken an embargo. However, the market share figures from China, Huawei sales it signals danger to people.

Huawei sales also decline in the Chinese market after the US embargo

Huawei, US embargo market share in the Chinese market last year, despite its influence to 41 percent pulled out. In this way, the brand, which rose to leadership in its own home, has now lost this title to another Chinese brand.

research company Based on Counterpoint Research data, Oppo with 21 percent share rose to a leading position in the market. For now Huawei Although market share data are unclear, Counterpoint of market share 16 percent He estimates that he is level.

Huawei sales In this great decline for the company, Honor brand disposal is one of the important factors. However, the research company does not attribute the only factor to this sale.

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Oppo leads the Chinese market for the first time

According to the research, the firm’s US embargo Due to the narrowing of the model range, the consumer turned to alternatives. CounterpointAccording to processor procurement and 5G technology The increase in the US claw in the sense of the company also affected the sales of the company.

Oppo for the first time in the Chinese market 21 percent rose to the leading position with its share. The company is of Chinese origin Vivo with 20 percent share is watching. Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi are in the market 16 percent share owned it.

Smartphone companies China and India are among the most important markets. For these two big markets, Chinese companies take a big share from the cake. Playing leadership in these markets with honor Huawei According to the newly announced figures, it lost its old power.

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US President Joe Biden’s decision on Huawei amborg is eagerly awaited

Donald Trump post-commissioned US President Joe BidenHe gave the signals that the Chinese embargo will continue. However, given by Huawei and Xiaomi embargo decisions It is a matter of wonder whether he will get up.

According to experts, US embargo with Huawei sales Even in China, the decline may negatively affect the future of the brand. However Joe Biden of management Huawei Lifting the prohibitions seems to turn the picture upside down.

What do you think Joe Biden management Huawei for US embargo will he remove US embargo more Huawei‘yi from the smartphone market Does it take away? We are waiting your comments.

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