How was artificial intelligence used in the fight against corona?  (Artificial intelligence in health)

How was artificial intelligence used in the fight against corona? (Artificial intelligence in health)

II. Participating in the International Artificial Intelligence in Health Congress Deputy Minister of Health Shuayip Birinci, Told Turkey’s corona virus in an outbreak of fighting with artificial intelligence and how to use the technological solutions.

The first steps in the digitalization of health care in our country in 2004, throwing voicing Turkey Health Information System set forth in the First Action Plan, commissioned in 2012, he recalled the drug tracking system.

Şuayip First explained the technology dimension in combating the epidemic

First, SİNA, which analyzes the data sent to the ministry by health institutions (Statistics and Causal Analysis in HealthHe explained the function of the system by stating that the platform was used extensively for visualization during the epidemic period.

Ministry of Health units

Units where the technology is implemented by the Ministry of Health year by year.

According to the information given by Birinci, all of the data obtained about the epidemic was visualized through SINA. It was put into use on the basis of provinces, districts, hospitals and physicians. In this way, how the process is progressing can be observed more clearly.

For those who cannot leave the house during this period Dr. e-Pulse solution has been developed. Thus, doctors were able to contact patients remotely.

Deputy Minister of Health emphasized that all the integrations were completed and the VACCINE implementation was implemented before starting the vaccination process.

Our radiation teams returned the world 203 times

Calculation of risk scores over 184, opening a decision support system for physicians, transferring test results to the e-Pulse portal, and integration of the death notification system are just some of the important steps taken in this process.

fillation team

The filming teams, the heroes of the fight against the corona, have circled the world 203 times.

The first also shared statistics that reveal the dimensions of the fight against the epidemic. The filming teams working day and night in the fight against corona, the path they have covered with the visits they have made so far. 8.155.262 km happened. So they circled the world 203 times.

When a person’s test is positive in the system established by the Ministry of Health, this falls on the screen of the filming team. The manager passes it on to the case teams. The teams viewing the list of cases and details click on the case closest to them and take on the task and set off.

family physicians fight against corona map

Map showing the role of family physicians in combating corona.

Almost everything from the isolation period to bus and plane travel, from the educational environment to the other statements of the person is taken into consideration for the identification of the contact persons. Thus, Turkey was any point in many people’s isolation, the people they come into contact, the healing process and getting medical help, step by step monitoring and recording.

coronavirus vaccination

With the start of vaccination in the fight against coronavirus, the data began to change positively. For example, the rate of people over the age of 65, which was more than 17 percent in the number of cases, decreased to 7.80 percent.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, data such as when there will be intensity in emergencies, in which province will the epidemic begin to rise or fall, are instantly monitored. Factors such as the effect of vaccination on the epidemic, the effect of law enforcement officers’ implementation of measures on the spread of corona can also be followed live.

The Ministry of Health measures satisfaction with health services instantly with artificial intelligence. The chart shows that dissatisfaction with the fillation service, which was high in the first days of the epidemic, was rapidly falling.

II. International Artificial Intelligence in Health Congress was held by İzmir Bakırçay University and İzmir Provincial Health Directorate and with the contributions of the International Association of Artificial Intelligence in Health. The main theme of the congress this year has been determined as Artificial Intelligence Applications in Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic Process. The congress, which started on April 16, ends tomorrow.

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