How to take a screenshot on a computer - Windows

How to take a screenshot on a computer – Windows

Many users are having trouble taking screenshots on the computer. In this article How to take screenshots without schedule on Windows computer We will explain the stages. We will also provide recommendations for screen capture programs on the computer.

How to take screenshots on Windows computer (No Program)

Especially content producing and presenter users can spend too much time taking screenshots and keeping them. You can look at the details to learn how to take screenshots in a more practical and fast way.

To take screenshots without schedule on your Windows device. PrintScreen You can use the key. After pressing the PrintScreen key on your keyboard Ctrl+V in combination with Paint, Adobe Photoshop or Gimp You can edit the screenshot you take with a similar program.

Windows key + PrintScreen You can also take screenshots directly on the computer using the combination. Registration directly to pictures folder is downloaded. Also included in the Windows 10 operating system Snip & Sketch You can use the feature.

Snip & Sketch feature Windows key + Shift + S You can activate it with the combination. Thanks to this feature, unlike the PrintScreen button, you have the opportunity to choose the area you want to save.

Taking screenshots on computer without schedule (Windows)

If you want to use the PrintScreen key with different combinations Settings located in the menu Accessibility entering the section Keyboard You can change the shortcut through the tab.

Screen capture programs (Windows)

Those who want to use screenshot-taking programs Lightshot and Greenshot There are applications such as.

Screen capture program on computer (Windows)

Lightshot program, with advanced features draws attention. Users, Turkish language support can change the shortcut keys through the Settings menu of the program. Users can make changes to the screenshot they take with Lightshot. In addition, the screen shot provided to the users Similar image on google It attracts attention with the possibility to search.

Lightshot, which has the feature of uploading photos to its own servers, exceeds expectations. After taking a screenshot of the area you want, you can edit it from the bottom right. The program is ideal for taking screenshots.

Have more advanced features if you want Greenshot You can use the program. The open source and free program draws attention with its Paint-like photo editing feature.

Greenshot screenshot utility

With more advanced features than the Lightshot program Greenshotto users OCR (optical character recognition) and Microsoft Office support offers features such as. In addition, the Greenshot program Turkish language support available.

Thanks to Greenshot, you can take your screenshots Imgur, Dropbox, Flickr and Photobucket You can automatically upload to websites such as. In this way, your screenshots will be under one roof.

What are your suggestions for taking screenshots? You can write in the comments.

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