How to export on AliExpress?  - ShiftDelete.Net

How to export on AliExpress? – ShiftDelete.Net

Chinese trading giant Alibabae-commerce platform for the end user AliExpresshas been serving the world’s best international customers in 220 different countries and regions for ten years. We talked AliExpress General Manager of Turkey and how the sale of e-commerce in the future in Turkey and sellers with Yaman Alpata.

It is possible to sell your products to the world with AliExpress

If you wish without further ado AliExpress Turkey General Manager Yaman Alpata Let’s leave you alone with our interview with me. Have a good time.

AliExpress University website:

For years, online shopping comes to our mind when we say AliExpress, Turkey also entered the market. It is a time in our country operates its ongoing e-commerce giant, Turkey gives great importance to the world outside China in terms of making sales.

Turkish sellers who want to sell to the world through the platform, AliExpress University You can access detailed information and guides on how to sell from the website. The opportunity to open up to the world for the sellers in our country awaits you with an easy and understandable system and guide.

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