How to craft items in Fortnite?  Hunter Cloak making

How to craft items in Fortnite? Hunter Cloak making

Who wouldn’t want to know how to craft items in Fortnite. The game brings the item and Hunter Cloak crafting mechanics with Episode 2, Season 6. This crafting mechanic will be complicated for many players at first. Because this detail is not fully explained in the game. So for gamers “How to make an item on the Fortnite craft menu? How to make a Fortnite Hunter Cloak? We have compiled the answers to your questions.

With this guide you will learn how to craft items in the game and the full list of all crafting items available. You will also get the details of the new features and the list of recipes for each item. In addition, you will be able to do them yourself in the game.

How are items produced in Fortnite?

item production tab

item production tab

First, you will need to know how to access the crafting menu. Press the Tab key to access the craft menu, then press the E key to go to the craft menu. Here you will see a list of all craftable items exclusive to weapons and equipment you have bought so far. After you get an item and collect the real parts, go to the crafting menu and click on the item you want to make.

Click on the Craft button. Your character will spend three seconds to craft the weapon or item. You will not be able to defend yourself while the item is being processed. So make sure you process the item in a safe place.

Where to get the materials for production?

You need to find the right materials for the items you want to make. Therefore, you will have to visit many places to find them. Because even in the meantime, opponent players will not give you time. We’ve explained below some of the craft pieces you will need and how to find them:

  • Mechanical Gears : Use your pickaxe against any vehicle. Typically, you would drop at least two mechanical gears per vehicle. You can also find it in abandoned vehicles.
  • Bones : You have to kill animals to get bones. Any of the animals you can hunt in the game will give you a bone.
  • And : You have to kill animals to get meat.
  • Firefly Jar : When you see the ‘Collect’ command on the screen, it will be enough to get them. They are often found in wooded areas and are hard to miss.
  • In-game NPCYou can also buy a select few items from any of theirs by talking to them. However, they cost a lot of gold. So you better find the pieces yourself.

How to make a Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite?

Hunter cloak

The hunter’s cloak.

Once you know it, making this item will really seem very simple to you in the game. To make a Hunter Cloak, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Kill an animal to collect bones and meat. Because you will need two bones and one flesh.
  • Click the Tab key to access the Craft menu, then press E.
  • Then click on the meat and the Hunter Cloak recipe will appear.
  • Click on Craft and wait three seconds to complete the item.

After the process is complete, the Hunter’s Cloak will appear in your inventory. You can use it to attach to your back. As long as you wear a cloak, animals will no longer be hostile to you.

Fortnite all crafting recipes

With the new season, all the crafting recipes available in the game are below. You can produce the item you want by examining it in detail.

  • Hunter Cloak : Meat + Bone (2 pieces)
  • Primitive weapons : Weapon + Bone (4 pieces)
  • Mechanical weapons : Weapon + Mechanical Parts (4 pieces)
  • Primitive Flame Spring : Primitive Spring + Firefly Jar (1 piece)
  • Primal Stink Bow : Primal Bow + Currently unknown item
  • Mechanical Explosive Spring : Mechanical Spring + Grenade (2 pieces)
  • Mechanical Shockwave Weapons : Mechanical Spring + Shock Wave Bomb (2 pieces)

For now, that’s all you need to know about crafting for this game. In the new season the process of finding all the weapon and equipment recipes is still in progress. Let’s see what other items we will find.

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