How many computers and phones were sold in Turkey?  Here are the numbers

How many computers and phones were sold in Turkey? Here are the numbers

production of Chinese phone manufacturers began to focus on recent investment in factories to move to Turkey. Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VarankIn a post he made on his Twitter account shortly after he gave the good news that Oppo started production in our country. 2020 sales figures explained.

Accordingly, while 1 million 353 thousand tablets were sold in our country in 2020, phone sales increased to the level of 10.8 million. The explosion in tablet sales in the coronavirus epidemic It was seen reflected in the figures.

Minister Varank announced sales figures for 2020

Computer sales were announced as 983 thousand units. Similarly with the tablet after transition to distance education there was a serious increase in computer sales. While the increase in prices causes difficulties for families and students with limited budgets, on price / performance oriented computers Serious stock problems arose due to heavy demand.

All of the sales figures announced by Minister Varank for 2020 are as follows:

– 773 thousand cars and commercial vehicles
– 1 million 353 thousand tablets
983 thousand computers
– 10.8 million mobile phones
2.6 million televisions
7.6 million white goods

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