'Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?'  movie is on air!

‘Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?’ movie is on air!

Starring Ecem Maletaking place ‘Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?’ The movie was broadcast on Netflix. Yilmaz Erdoganin the director’s chair of the film, which is an adaptation of the theater play of the same name. Andac Haznedaroğlu sitting.

Play the theater until now More than 1 million the person had watched. With its release on Netflix In 190 countries appeared before the audience. Netflix also Turkey, the interview conducted with the film’s leading actors also shared with the audience.

‘Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?’ film subject

The film is a gifted woman who tries to adapt to the environment in which she was born and raised. Gulseren‘s life story. 1950-80‘S with Turkey’s spent the years from a turbulent political changes that sustains life Gülseren the firefly is a mysterious bond; but he could not convince anyone except his father. Who can never be happy in love and business life GulserenToday, a young YouTubera tells about what happened in his lifetime.

‘Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?’ players

The cast of the original game; Demet Akbağ, Yılmaz Erdoğan, Zerrin Sümer, Sinan Bengier, Salih Kalyon, Ayberk Atilla, Bican Günalan and Neslihan Yeldan It consisted of master names such as.

In the theater play of the 1990s Gulseren your character Say Akbag revived. The role of Akbağ in the film, which was shot faithfully to the theater text, Ecem Male took over. From Güldür Güldür To The Man We Know Yilmaz Erdogan, Devrim Yakut, Engin Alkan, Merve Dizdar, Ushan Cakir, Bulent Colak and Bora Akkaş Accompanied.

'Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?'

From the film: Engin Alkan and Ecem Erkek

‘Firefly’ memory from the leading actors

Netflix Turkey‘Have You Ever Seen a Firefly?’ an interview with his actors shared. The lead cast of the film told whether they have ever seen fireflies in their lives.

Here is that video:

Netflix making Turkey the third film

Have You Ever Seen a Firefly ?, Netflix production third Turkish film has the distinction of being. The company, which has been actively producing Turkish TV series since 2018, has decided to invest in Turkish movies. Netflix, the first domestic movie in this context One Ticket To Tomorrowpublished on June 19, 2020. Second film Paper LivesThe platform, which released in March, brought the audience together with the third one today.

Netflix has also included movies that could not be released due to the COVID-19 outbreak. These include 9 Times Leyla In November; Saints took its place in the platform’s content library in December.

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