Hasselblad partnership confirmed for OnePlus 9 series

Hasselblad partnership confirmed for OnePlus 9 series

OnePlus’ new flagship phone series OnePlus 9 family for Hasselblad An agreement was reached with the company. The duo who will cooperate in the camera systems of the phones seem to work together for many years. At the same time, another bomb news of the day was about the expected release date of the series. Finally, the company confirmed its launch day.

In recent years, many smartphone manufacturers have started agreements with major camera and lens designers for camera lenses. One of them agreed in the summer of last year. Vivo with ZEISS had companies. The two set out to join forces to produce more qualified mobile photography-oriented phones. Similarly Huawei‘in Leica The partnership with the company still continues. Now a similar step has come from OnePlus!

Lenses designed by Hasselblad will be used in OnePlus 9 series

Tech press for weeks OnePlus’s famous camera and lens manufacturer Have partnered with Hasselblad company speaking. These reports have not been confirmed by either party until now. But finally today OnePlus 9 series An announcement was made for. In this announcement, their cooperation was finally confirmed.

OnePlus 9 Hasselblad

Swedish camera manufacturer owned by DJI To a three-year agreement with OnePlus signed. Hasselblad before DJI drones he designed cameras for. Also the 180-year-old company Taking iconic photos of Apollo 11’s moon landing in 1969. He also created the camera. Now the developer team has turned its route to smartphones.

OnePlus 9 family will be released on March 23

Hasselblad The first fruit of the partnership with the company is OnePlus 9 models it will be. 23 Mart model to be released on the market ‘with a revamped camera system‘aims to appear before the consumer. But for now, we do not have any information about what kind of innovation is being considered. This will become clear in the coming weeks.

However, to mention the guesses, there is a special Sony IMX789 sensor It is said to be used. 12 bit RAW on the device that is supposed to shoot 120FPS’de 4K or Shooting 8K video at 30FPS will be made possible. But Hasselblad’s biggest contribution to the range will likely be more consistent colors and sharper light. OnePlus to Hasselblad for all these systems for three years 150 million dollars payment will make.

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