Happy claim for the 3rd generation Apple Pencil

Happy claim for the 3rd generation Apple Pencil

Next week will hold the first event of 2021 AppleThe long-awaited new at launch Apple Pencil will introduce your device. These allegations are made by technology analyst UnclePan from the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Available Apple Pencil series last released three years ago 2018 iPad Pro updated with device. While the company still continues its sales for the first two generations; Spring Loaded A third model will be announced to consumers at the event. The allegations in question have not been confirmed by Apple for now. But previous leaks support these rumors.

The new Apple Pencil will only work on the 2021 iPad Pro

Last month one Twitter Leaked to the Internet by its user Apple Pencil photographwill be available soon iPad Pro 2021He gave the first signals of The company that will introduce its new products at the organization to be held on April 20 iPad Pro, AirTags and new AirPods It is claimed that it will announce its models to consumers. If these rumors are true, the company is with the new iPad. digital pen It can also launch its accessory on the market.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil, which is likely to be released next week, is only 2021 iPad Pro It is claimed to include sensors working with the screen. While this rumor hints that the accessory provides higher precision; It is also thought to bring new features for the pen.

How will the 3rd generation Apple Pencil be designed?

iPad Pro (2021) Designed specifically for the new Apple Pencil, at first glance, it does not seem to contain much change compared to the past versions. However, looking carefully, the pen is brighter surfacehave e. Also in size bigger stops. In addition, it is prepared to be replaced against wear and tear. pen tips it was also enlarged in the same way.

Many professional illustrators today iPad Considering that it performs from the devices; It’s not unusual for Apple to show weight for digital pens. In addition to the visual changes that have emerged, the pen is thought to have been technically improved, although it is not disclosed for now. It is anticipated that improvements have been made in issues such as pressure and handling.

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