GTA 5 statement by Take-Two CEO

GTA 5 statement by Take-Two CEO

Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two InteractiveStrauss Zelnick, CEO of ”, of his old games, including the new version of GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox.simple connection pointsHe declared that he will not be contented with. CEO also discussed the company’s approach to restructuring. Performed by Zelnick, VGC Morgan Stanley at the technology conference, Take-Two made statements in response to the question of the importance of rearrangements.

CEO Strauss Zelnick; Rearranging has always been part of the strategy. We did this in a different way than the competitor. We are not just handing over titles, we actually take the time to do our best work to differentiate the title for the new release. We develop technology, upgrade visuals and make performance improvements. That’s why I think our remastered titles generally perform very well. ” said.

After this explanation, attention, 2020 Unveiled in June and will be available for free for PS5, the next generation has been converted to GTA 5. Zelnick, “I’m sure Rockstar will deliver a great experience, but if you’re just making a simple port you can’t do it” made the statement.

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This is for Take-Two and Rockstar ZelnickAs stated by, in some capacities “Without making the title different” it shows that they are not interested in bringing their games to modern consoles. It is also thought that this situation may give an idea of ​​the company’s future remaster plans.

GTA V Xbox One, PS4 and PCwhen you come to GTA Online The player limit has been increased and a first-person mode has been implemented, among other features. In other Rockstar Games news, a recent report reported that a new GTA is in development and Rockstar made changes to fix its culture. Take-Two Interactive In the past five years 93 games he repeated his plans to land.

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