Google Pixel Buds A may be cheaper than AirPods

Google Pixel Buds A may be cheaper than AirPods

Google’s the new wireless headphones that they are preparing to launch Apple AirPods‘lardan It was claimed that it could be cheaper. Google Pixel Buds Headphones to be named A, At the launch of Made by Google not, it will meet users in the middle of 2021.

Google Pixel Buds A will be cheaper than previous headsets

Last year Google, first wireless headset Pixel Buds It introduced a second generation version. Firstly 2017’of the headset released by Apple AirPods It was introducing two headsets that connect to the phone via Bluetooth, joining the wireless headphone trend popularized by However, the firm’s 3a and 4a with Pixel The fact that their phones offer more budget-friendly versions increases the likelihood that new headsets will be available at a lower price than their predecessors.

Google Pixel Buds A may be cheaper than AirPods

Previous headphones, Apple AirPods’lardan and was more expensive than other counterparts on the market (179 USD). Besides, we don’t have much information about new headphones. But 9to5Google’s reaches to information by Google Pixel Buds Awill be offered in two different color options as white and green. The white model has black ear tips seen on the previous model, while the inner case parts will have an all-white design.

Pixel Buds Ais the green variety of, which was seen in previous versions. ‘Quite Mint’ It will have a darker forest green than the color scheme. Although not confirmed yet, according to rumors, colors, Google Pixel 5a’ya will correspond. Also, the new headset besides adjusting music playback Google Assistant It will be available with touch controls to access it. Considering that previous headphones have failed in sound, the new Pixel Buds it is expected to go for quality upgrade.

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