Google Earth for Android has traveled in time!

Google Earth for Android has traveled in time!

Google Earth popular feature of his service Timelapseby a developer In the Android app was discovered. Normally only From mobile or desktop devices over the web This feature was opened for the first time through Google’s application.

Timelapse feature It was first launched on Google Earth in 2016. The service, which takes its users on a journey to the past using old application images, thanks to the collected millions of photos Until 1984 can go backwards. This interesting feature has started to wink at mobile applications when we look at the screenshots that have now appeared. A software developer named Kyler was able to use this function through the Android application.

Timelapse feature Google Earth Android appeared in the app!

Himself developer defining as Kyler Twitter user named Google Earth Screen shot taken from the Android app shared with his followers. The developer, who stated that he could run the Timelapse feature in an application for the first time, surprised everyone.

As you can see Google Earth Timelapse feature adopts a different design in the application view. Your function according to the photo shared by Kyler Android view as follows:

Google Earth Timelapse

If you haven’t run this feature on Web devices yet and you’re wondering, its design is different. Timelapse Web’te looks like this:

Google Earth Timelapse

user interface with quite distinct differences in Google Earth featureincludes a slider option to make it easier to jump in time. It is also possible to use various arrow buttons to jump to certain years. Other buttons are street view and three-dimensional view Includes preferences such as. In addition, the service, which normally goes back to 1985, is August 1, 1938 showing the year of the year also surprised. The location is clearly San Francisco‘he shows us the presentation.

Timelapse for Android Unfortunately, there is no confirmed information about it for now. Although the user named Kyler stated that he obtained this image from the application, there is no information about how this happened. If the user’s claim is correct, we can say that Google has now significantly improved the testing phase. However, we will be able to learn this fully in the future.

What do you think about this feature? You can share with us the place and year you want to go, even with a bird’s eye view!

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