Good news for the Division 2 players

Good news for the Division 2 players

Ubisoft and Massivehas prepared new plans for the future of the game, including a brand new mode towards the end of this year. Massive EntertainmentThe developers behind, “The Road AheadIn a blog post titled, The Division 2 is a successful 2020 He explained that he had spent the year and laid out his first plans for what the future would look like.

A new mode is coming to The Division 2. Massive this mode, “Completely new to the franchise” as he describes it. It seems that the mod is not just the survival mode in Division 1, but something fans have been wanting in Division 2 for years.

The new mode will be released towards the end of 2021

New mode, the earliest “To the end of 2021” will not be added to the game until. In addition, as game developers continue to fight the global epidemic, it is predicted that the plans made can easily change.

Covid-19 is already a recent Resident Evil the incident was seriously downsized in scope and scale. Massive also announced that the next seasons of The Division 2 will be re-airing only the final seasons this year.

So “Season 5” will be Season 1 again. This is thought to be a good way for players who enter the game after some seasons have passed, giving them a chance to replay this content.

According to the reports Massive, The Division 2 will continue to be involved in the development of. However, the company also Ubisoft BucharestHe also announced that it will help create their online content. MassiveIt should be noted that at the same time, he is working on an Avatar game and a Star Wars game.

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