Good news for free Google Meet users: Unlimited talk time extended

Good news for free Google Meet users: Unlimited talk time extended

Google Meetfor users who use the app for free Mart finally 60 minutes he was planning to impose a border. But the company Twitter ‘and With the new announcement it published free “unlimited” calls June announced that it will continue until month.

30 JuneUntil the new arrangement that will start in free version Anyone using Google’s “unlimited” what he called 24 seconds will be able to perform long calls.

Google doesn’t want to lose its competitive edge

Google, last year Engagement It retracted the call limit for the second time since it made the service available to all users for free. Restriction at the beginning 60 minutes a border would come into effect at the end of September. However, this date is later Mart was postponed to the month.

With a new statement, the date was once again postponed and taken forward. Pandemic The application, which experienced a significant increase in the number of users, is the best alternative to its competitors with unlimited talk time. That’s why Google’s It is estimated that it extends the free usage period as it does not want to lose its competitive advantage.

As the whole world started working remotely as a result of the pandemic online interview The demand for their applications has increased. People chose these apps not only to work but also to meet with their loved ones.

That’s why last year, which made its paid app free for all users Googlewill continue to offer the application free of charge for a while due to the ongoing pandemic effect. How do you evaluate this move for Google Meet? Do you think the date that is postponed twice is put forward once more? You can send your ideas to us in the comments section.

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