Go to a psychologist for the 'complaint of racism' on Google!

Go to a psychologist for the ‘complaint of racism’ on Google!

“Google advises employees who encounter racism and sexism to go on mental health treatment or health leave.”

This claim regarding the Google human resources department belongs to a group of employees who worked at the company in the past. No statement has yet been received from Google on the subject. However, the technology agenda has already begun to resonate with this news. According to the news that NBC News will meet with former Google employees, the employees were mobbed by the human resources unit. At the same time, other employees remained silent to this. Throughout the statements, the allegation that the company encouraged employees to resign came to the fore.

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Google drives complaining employees to resign

Former Google designer Benjamin Cruz He stated that he was exposed to racism by a colleague in the office. Co-worker himself “that your skin is much darker than expected“Cruz went to the Human Resources department. But the response from Google disappointed her. The company demanded that Cruz go on leave. When she returned, she suggested that she move to a new department.” NBC speaking with Cruz, “After I made this complaint, my work started to be pushed under meHe later claimed that he was rejected from all departments he applied to and was forced to resign.


Another name that suffered from mobbing is a black woman April Christina Curley was. Personnel with a successful resume in the engineering department was taking charge. But unexpectedly, his past promotions were denied. Salary deductions started. He was fired from the company in September last year. He is like his other friends Are directed to take mental health leave explained.

‘Mental health leave is commonplace for Google’

To these names Former communications manager for Google William Fitzgerald also gave support. In the post he shared on his Twitter account, he noted the following words: “Google Human Resources did the same to me. When I questioned the management, I came across the offer of mental health leave.“https://twitter.com/william_fitz/status/1368654113374838784?s=20 These overlapping claims continue to increase. remaining anonymous they prefer to do. However, they all have a common opinion that ‘mental health leaveThe pressure applied under the name of ‘is now very common in Google.

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