Global chip scarcity may continue in 2022

Global chip scarcity may continue in 2022

Apple, Qualcomm, AMD and many other large technology companies that supply processors TSMC, global chip shortage problem in markets 2022 He warned that he could continue in the year. CEO of the firm CC Wei, to untie the knot 2023He pointed to.

Global chip shortage may continue next year

Producing processors for large technology companies TSMC‘nin CEO‘its CC Weiemphasized the possibility that the famine may continue in the next year. Bloomberg’in According to his report, the CEO stated that they are aware that demand continues to be high. also 2023Stating that they can offer more capacity to support customers in Wei, “We will begin to see that the shortage in the supply chain will decrease somewhat,” he said.


Weipessimistic statements about the subject, Intel‘in yeni CEO’su Pat Gelsinger It followed his estimates earlier this week that it could take several years to overcome the famine. Gelsinger, “It takes only a few years to build capacity,” he said. Nvidia CFO‘its Colette Kress recently stated that they are expected to continue to exceed supply for most of this year in demand.

The global chip shortage, which has affected the whole world, has affected everyone, from automobile manufacturers to game console manufacturers. So much so that while car manufacturing companies have to downsize, millions of people graphics cards, CPU‘lar, PS5‘s and Xboxhad a hard time finding stock for ‘s. TSMC automobile manufacturer saying that they will expect their chip supplies to increase in the next quarter for their customers, Intel and Nvidia and that wider deficiencies are unlikely to end in the near term.

Their factories are already 100 percentStating that they are working on ”, but they have increased new production in the medium term. TSMC, Reuters’e “We bought land and equipment and started the construction of our new facilities. “We are recruiting thousands of employees and expanding our capacity in more than one facility,” he said. To increase production capacity this year 30 billion The company, which plans to invest in dollars, generally aims to increase the capacity of its facilities within three years. 100 billion dollar plans to invest

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