GIF making site and apps: Here is the top list

With GIFs known as motion picture format WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter We frequently encounter it on social networking platforms such as. GIFs have a lot of uses. For example, in situations where the written message is insufficient, we can use the cross-section of a scene in a movie to express our instant emotions comfortably. These images do not waste much of our internet because of their low size.

What about making GIFs? We have compiled the best GIF making sites and applications for you.

How to make a GIF?

A GIF is made up of hundreds or thousands of photos combined. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to do it. What we mentioned in our guide free GIF making sites and apps Thanks to it, it is possible to prepare the image you want in minutes.

GIF making sites


1- IMGFlip

With IMGFlip, you can create free GIFs using photos from your computer or phone. The most important advantage of the site, make video to GIF also have a vehicle. Thanks to this tool, as well as videos on your computer YouTube or Vimeo You can convert any video you choose from their platform to GIF in seconds.

gif making sites and apps

How to use IMGFlip?

To the link here Click to enter the site.
If you want to make GIF with photos “Images to GIF”; If you want to do it with video “Video to GIF” Click the button.
At this stage, upload media files from a URL or directly from your device.

The files you upload turn into GIFs within seconds. If you want, you can add text to the image you create or rotate it with 90-degree angles. You can also download the GIF you created. “Generate GIF” Click the button.

2- GFYCat

Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo You can use this site to make GIF videos on social networks such as. GFYCat paid and free There are two versions as. The site that shows ads to users in the free version, and for those who want an ad-free experience $ 4 per month or 3 dollars a year serves with subscription options.

gif making sites and apps

How to use GFYCat?

To the link here Click to enter the site.
Paste a desired URL into the field on the site or upload a video from your computer. Next Continue Press the button.
On the next screen, you can change the second and direction of the generated GIF. After the adjustments are completed, Continue Press the button.
When it comes to the end of the process Finish’e Press.
The image you created.gif format and download link will be presented to you.

3- Picasion

JPG, PNG and you can use Picasion to make GIF from other photos. This site is free of charge. It doesn’t ask for any fee. In this aspect, free GIF making sites positions itself between.

gif making sites and apps

To use Picasion;

To the link here Click to enter the site.
On the site “Select file” Add photos from your computer or phone by clicking the button. In the beginning you are allowed to add three photos. But “Add one more picture” You can add more photos by clicking the button.
– “Size” the size of the GIF from its section, ”Speed” Set the speed as you want from the section.
After uploading the photos “Create animation” Click the button.
The image you created.gif format and download link will be presented to you.
– “Save this animation” Click the button to download the GIF to your device.


On the EZGIF site only Make a GIF not; GIF editing, cutting, resizing It has useful features such as. The site, which you can use to create a GIF from a photo or video, allows you to do this completely free of charge. In this aspect, too, best free GIF making sites brings itself to a more advantageous position.

gif making sites and apps

How to use EZGIF?

To the link here Click to enter the site.
– “Select file” Add photos from your computer or phone by clicking the button.
After uploading the photos, change the settings as you wish.
The image you created.gif format and download link will be presented to you.
When it comes to the end of the process “Make a GIF” Press the button.
To download the resulting GIF, right click on the file and “Save as”Press.

We talked about the sites. A little bit now GIF making programs Let’s talk about. There are many programs on the market. We will tell about three of them, paid and free.

GIF making apps

Adobe Photoshop

1- PhotoScape

Free GIF making apps for PC One of the most used is PhotoScape. 20 MB The size of this program can also be used as an effective GIF editor. The content you create second, visuals, direction and you can change any of the details you don’t like.

gif making sites and apps

How to make a GIF with PhotoScape?

First of all, download and install the program on your computer using these links: Windows | Mac
After PhotoScape opens, “Anigif” Click the button.
In the upper right corner. “Add” Select the photos on your computer by pressing the button.
– Background color, size and adjust other details as desired.
After completing your adjustments “Save” Press the button.

2- Adobe Photoshop

If you have Adobe Photoshop on your computer, GIF making programs You don’t need to search for it. Or else, link here You can install it using. Photo editing software developed by Adobe, Free for 30 days can be used. Then you have to buy the program. With Photshop, you can create moving images by combining as many images as you want.

How to make a GIF with Photoshop?

First, open Photoshop.
At the top Window (Window) Click on the tab and from here Timeline activate it. At the bottom, a section will open where you can add photos of your GIF.
Now import your photos into Photoshop one by one. For example, if a window is active in the timeline, put a photo there.
To put the second photo, you must first create a new window in the timeline. In the bottom bar of the chart. small + You can add new windows by tapping. Photos File> Place Embedded Transfer using the button. Thus, you add each photo in the same tab, not in separate tabs.
Above the windows “0 san.” Such phrases indicate how many seconds the square will appear. You can change the seconds by clicking on it.
Now File> Export As (Export As)> Save for Web Click the button.
Choose “GIF” as the file format. “Save” Press the button.

The file you created will be saved on your computer.

3- GIFShop

Free GIF app for Android If you are looking, GIFShop is one of the applications that will be very useful for you. This application that allows you to create animation by combining the photos on your phone, make video to GIF It also includes its feature.

How to use GIFShop?

First of all, Google Play Store Download to your phone via.
– “Video to GIF”
or “Image to GIF” Click the one you want to use from among the options.
Select the media files on your device and “Done” Click the button.
Change the details such as size, duration, direction according to you.
Then click the arrow in the upper right corner, and then Confirm Press the button.

The resulting GIF will be saved on your device.

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