GeForce NOW Turkey will be opened in few hours tonight?

GeForce NOW Turkey will be opened in few hours tonight?

NVIDIA and Turkcell came to Turkey with cooperation GeForce NOW The cloud game service will be available tonight. 15 Mart As of now, there are hours left for the streaming network to be broadcast in our country. In Turkey GAME+ The service to be published under the name of Servers located in Ankara is preparing to provide a fast service with.

GeForce NOW Turkey (Game +) when will it be?

15 Mart 2021 as of date Beta will complete the process GeForce NOW Türkiye It will be available in our country in just a few hours. The platform currently operating abroad, it at 00:00 at night server in Turkey will activate.

Devices supported by GAME + are Windows, macOS, Android, Chromium There will be computers and phones with operating systems. Same time To enter GeForce NOW from iPhone Service will be provided via Safari browser on iOS. But Apple Unfortunately, there will be no application support on their phones for now.

Turkcell GAME+

GAME + will be made available to users tonight.

GeForce NOW powered by GAME+ hizmeti 60fps’de 720p for image quality 15Mbps will need internet speed. 60fps‘of 1080p In order to reach the quality 25Mbps speed will be needed.

How much will GeForce NOW prices in Turkey?

Turkcell GAME+ service for game lovers three different service packs offers. Of GeForce Now monthly fee 74.90 TL it will be. Special to launch 3-month membership is 149.70 TL. (49.90 TL / month). It is also free package will be found. Players who want to take advantage of the free package only 1 hour will be limited by the experience of playing the game.

GeForce NOW Türkiye

GAME + prices

In addition, an important campaign has been made for users who purchase GeForce Now memberships through foreign servers. For this NVIDIA, By extending the duration of Founder subscriptions offers a new offer. Platform under special pricing For 1 year, 49.90 TL per month to these users Premium membership will provide. What needs to be done to take advantage of this opportunity is as follows:

– Your NVIDIA membership Between 19 March 2021 – 30 April 2021 cancel it.
– Shortly after this, GAME + will send you a special promo code.
– A new in the GAME + service by opening an account Before 31 May 2021 Benefit from this offer by activating the code sent.

Extended Founders accounts for NVIDIAwill not export these users’ data to GAME +. Former Turkey GeForce Now players will be able to continue accessing services without having to return to the server.

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