Galaxy S21 Series presents: Machine Memories Space exhibition

Galaxy S21 Series presents: Machine Memories Space exhibition

Samsung, the task of bridging technology and art. continues to sponsor another important digital exhibition. Refik AnadolThe last period works of Turkey that have not been exhibited before will take place.Machine Memories: Space”Exhibition will meet with its visitors between 19 March – 25 April.

Refik Anadol Samsung Galaxy S21 SeriesArt lovers will take a virtual journey on the memories of machines in the biggest exhibition to be held in Istanbul to date, which is also one of the sponsors.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series that makes every moment enjoy the highest level

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Series appeals to users of all levels with its eye-catching and iconic design. Equipped with Samsung’s latest technology power and performance features, the Galaxy S21 Series, which has a professional-grade camera, can capture cinema-quality videos and legendary resolution still images.

With its improved 8K Video-to-Photograph feature, the devices that enable capturing high-resolution photo frames from 8K videos also allow creative shooting with artificial intelligence-supported cameras. With the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, users can also enjoy the S Pen experience they love. Samsung Galaxy S21 Series takes productivity and creativity one step further with its cutting-edge technology, bright, smart screens and high performance.

The story is told with data at the exhibition

In the exhibition, which consists of two sections titled “Memories” and “Dreams”, Refik Anadol uses artificial intelligence to process data and turn it into fascinating visual materials. As in his other works, he tells stories with data in this exhibition. It offers a new conceptual framework that reveals the place of astronomical research in human history through the memories of machines and sheds light on large data sets of space.

The exhibition uses the largest space-themed dataset ever used in an artwork. This visual feast, with the special support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Borusan Otomotiv which is BMW’s distributor in Turkey, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc., an affiliate of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Series comes to life under the main sponsorship. The exhibition can be viewed free of charge every day, except Sunday, between 10.00-18.00.

In case of changes in weekend restrictions due to Kovid-19 measures, the exhibition can be visited between 10.00-18.00 every day except Monday.

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